We specialise in Heat Treatment Services using innovative new Induction Heating Technology, Pipe Cutting and Pipe Preparation, predominately to the oil, gas, petrochemical, fabrication and mining industries around the world.

Rapid Heat 35

Powering a Heating Revolution

Alternative to open-flame or resistance heating it outperforms propane or radiant heating in efficiency, ease of use and provides heating uniformity



Rapid Heat Custom Made Coils, Our new range of Custom Built Coils can reduce the set up time on pipe applications. Used in conjunction with our Rapid Heat Air Cooled Heating Unit they are simple and clean to use therefore they can reduce man hours and costs.


Coatings Removal

Our Rapid Heat Portable Coating Remover unit is the Rapid Heat Systems innovative system that uses the principle of magnetic induction to heat the contact steel on flat or shaped steel such as Deck Steel, Pedestrian Bridges, Structural Steel, Oil and Gas Rigs.


Resistance Transformer

Rapid Heat Systems' transformer type heating units are designed especially for on-site use. The heating units are compact and light for easy transportation. Transformers are dimensioned for primary connection of 63 A, with a common power supply on site.


Thermocouple Welder

Rapid Heat Systems offer two types of thermocouple welder units the TW163/V and SW12V, both models offer manual and auto operation.



Rapid Heat Systems specialise in producing furnaces for stress relieving, normalising, preheating, autenitising, perliting, ferriting, softening and normalising. The main furnace types are fixed, moveable and temporary modular furnaces. Heating method is either electric or gas


Temperature Recorders

The Rapid Recorder offers unrivalled input accuracy with a 125ms total sample rate for 18 channels. The input channels are configurable to suite the process requirements. It has a touch screen display for simple programming and use. The colour display enables operators to clearly monitor the heating process in outdoor environment (direct sunlight).


Our Customers

A selection of our customers, providing dedicated worldwide Induction Heating sales and service.

Shell - Proheat 35 Customer
Total - Proheat 35 Customer
Serimax - Proheat 35 Customer
Petrofac - Proheat 35 Customer

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