Rapid Heat 35

Alternative to open-flame or resistance heating it outperforms propane or radiant heating in efficiency, ease of use and provides heating uniformity

Rapid Heat 35 Induction Heating System

The Rapid Heat 35 is designed to replace open-flame or resistance heating.

  • Outperforms propane or radiant heating in efficiency, ease of use and heating uniformity
  • Simple interface can be learned in a matter of minutes and provides operator tutoring
  • Can be used as an air-cooled or liquid-cooled system
  • Easily connected to a range of heating elements
  • Can be used with or without a temperature recorder

Using our Rapid Heat 35 Induction Heating System

The Rapid Heat 35 System has a choice of four programmes Pre-Heat, Bake-Out, P.W.H.T. and Custom. In the programme you can set the target temperature, soak time/temperature, cool down temperature/rate deg/hr, ramp rate deg/hr, etc. The Rapid 35 controller will then monitor the attached thermocouples to ensure that the heating and cooling rates are not violated during the procedure.

Heating Elements

Our equipment works using various different types of Heating Blankets (air-cooled), Heating Cables (liquid-cooled), Coils and Clamps.

Air-Cooled System

Air-Cooled blankets are used for pre-heat only and can provide uniform heating up to 204°C (400°F)

Our blankets come in sizes to fit pipes or plates from 8.625" diameter (40" long) to 56" diameter (185" long). The blankets are reusable and are easily installed in a matter of seconds. They are made from durable, high-temperature materials to withstand the tough conditions in both industrial and construction applications.

Liquid-Cooled System

Liquid-cooled heating cables are can provide uniform heating up to 788°C (1450°F). They are ideal for both pre-heat and PWHT needs including Stress Relieving, Hydrogen Bake-Out, Shrink Fitting and many other applications.

Our liquid cooled heating cables come in sizes 30ft, 50ft, 80ft and 140ft. The silicone cable encloses a special copper conductor specifically designed for carrying high-frequency current to maximise efficiency. The cable also carries the coolant, which cools the conducting wire. The cable is reinforced for strength and durability they are reusable and easily installed in a matter of seconds.

Preheat Cable Covers

We provide preheat cable covers that must be used to protect the heating cable from slag and molten metal created during welding. They are easy to install and can withstand temperatures of up to 343°C (650°F).

Our Customers

A selection of our customers, providing dedicated worldwide Induction Heating sales and service.

Shell - Proheat 35 Customer
Total - Proheat 35 Customer
Serimax - Proheat 35 Customer
Petrofac - Proheat 35 Customer

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