Resistance Transformer

The Rapid Recorder offers unrivalled input accuracy with a 125ms total sample rate for 18 channels. The input channels are configurable to suite the process requirements.

Resistance Transformer

Rapid Heat Systems' transformer type heating units are designed especially for on-site use. The heating units are compact and light for easy transportation.

Transformers are dimensioned for primary connection of 63 A, with a common power supply on site.


  • RES403 Semi-automatic (3 Channel)
  • RES403 Fully-automatic (3 Channel)
  • RES406 Fully-automatic (6 Channel)

Control System

Easy management of heat treatment process is on Rapid Heat Controllers and Windows based software. The control system and equipment are developed in team work with users. Using Rapid Heat equipment we can offer reliable and accurate results and clear documentation.

Long Distance Control

Rapid Heat control system offers possibility for alarms by gsm-phone and long distance monitoring. The system enables continuous control of the heat treatment process. You can select units with radio modems to enable wireless contact.


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