Rapid Heat Systems offer two types of thermocouple welder units the TW163/V and SW12V, both models offer manual and auto operation.


Rapid Heat Systems specialise in producing furnaces for stress relieving, normalising, preheating, autenitising, perliting, ferriting, softening and normalising.

The main furnace types are fixed, moveable and temporary modular furnaces.

Heating method is either electric or gas

Tailor Made

All our furnaces are tailor-made to meet customers needs.

Control System

The control system is the most reliable for heat treatment in furnaces. The alarm system allows heat treatment to be carried out without continuous supervision. The software has an alarm, which provides information on failures, e.g. sensor fault, power cut, high and low temperature and communication errors. All process data are also saved in a log-file for subsequent analysis.


Certificates are printed on a normal office printer on A4 paper. The results of heat treatment work are saved on the hard disk, CD or floppy disk and a new copy of their certificate can be printed out when ever required. Clear, fast and easy


Our Customers

A selection of our customers, providing dedicated worldwide Induction Heating sales and service.

Shell - Proheat 35 Customer
Total - Proheat 35 Customer
Serimax - Proheat 35 Customer
Petrofac - Proheat 35 Customer

World Class Service

World leaders in induction heating systems, with world class sales and support experts.