Pipe Cutting & End Preparation

Our Rapid Pipe Cutting Services machines provide fast clean and accurate cuts to tight tolerances, in preparation for fitting pipe ranging from ½" - 177" OD.

Pipe Cutting & End Preparation

The machines can be used in any environment making them perfect for use in nuclear, underwater and other hazardous environments. Labour costs are reduced with our portable, easy to set up machines.

Severing, bevelling, I.D. boring and O.D. turning are just a few of the tasks that these remarkable machines can undertake.



Mini-Clamshell (MC)

½" - 2 ½" O.D. Pipe

Narrow Body (NB)

3" - 43" O.D. Pipe

Mid-Size (MS)

10" - 42" O.D. Pipe

Heavy Duty (HD)

28" - 110" O.D. Pipe


114" - 177" O.D. Pipe


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