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Job Applications

Heat Treatment Services
Pre heat stress and post weld - Stolt
Pre and PWHT - IWPP Saudi Arabia
Pre Heat Pipework on Gas Plant
Slug Catcher Fabrication
Coatings Heating Applications
Vessel Repair - Nuclear Power Plant
Vessel Manufacture
Off-Shore PWHT
Off-Shore Pre-Heat, Stress & PWHT
Pipeline Induction Heating
Pembroke Pipeline
Side of Ijsselmeer Pipeline
Ijsselmeer Pipeline
West Bliney Pipeline Diversion
Underwater Pipeline Repair
Hot Taps
Split Tee 14" Gasoline Line
Split Tee 24" Main Gas Line
Split Tee 36" Gas Line
Sour Gas Line
Bolt Heating & Shrink Fitting
RWE Innogy Plc [Shrink Fit]
RMB Engineering [Shrink Fit]
Corus [Shrink Fit]
KNPC [Shrink Fit]
UMC [Shrink Fit]
Pipe Cutting / Preparation
Induction Pre-Heat with Pipe Cutting
Gas Pipeline


Information Sheets
Heating Generators
Resistance Transformer
Temperature Recorders

Other Information

Health & Safety
Quality Policy
Environmental Policy
Environmental Management System
Policy on Health, Safety & Environment
HSE Policy