Rapid Heat Systems continues to work in close partnership with our customers to enhance operational efficiencies.

We have the experience and the resources to handle projects of virtually any magnitude. RHS are proud to deliver these services with the highest ethical standards and commitment to safety, quality and innovation.


Sustainable Products

We specialise in Heat Treatment Services using innovative new Induction Heating Technology, Pipe Cutting and Pipe Preparation.

We provide specialist site services consisting of equipment hire, or alternatively offering a service package, operated by our trained technicians.



RHS's quality policy is to achieve sustained growth by providing our customers with products and services that will meet or exceed their requirements.

To meet this objective, RHS has implemented a quality management system and its supporting processes, to facilitate the continuous improvement of our people, processes, and products.


Rapid Heat 35

The Rapid Heat 35 is designed to replace open-flame or resistance heating.

The Rapid Heat 35 System has a choice of four programmes Pre-Heat, Bake-Out, P.W.H.T. and Custom. In the programme you can set the target temperature, soak time/temperature, cool down temperature/rate deg/hr, ramp rate deg/hr, etc.


Our Customers

A selection of our customers, providing dedicated worldwide Induction Heating sales and service.

Shell - Proheat 35 Customer
Total - Proheat 35 Customer
Serimax - Proheat 35 Customer
Petrofac - Proheat 35 Customer

World Class Service

World leaders in induction heating systems, with world class sales and support experts.